Bulgarian National Independance Day Varna

Bulgarian National Independance Day Varna

Wonderful Cos-Play in Varna BG!

Looking at the Cloud! Beautiful!


The Italian chamber orchestra I Solisti Veneti from Padua, Italy. Absolutely incredible musicians!

Playing Baroque Chamber music....amazing!


Sometimes peaceful!

The beautiful Marie in France

 Clara, taken in the countryside in central France.

 Clara and her fire hair! Taken in the countryside in central France.

It was a fun session!

On our way to Nacula Island in Fiji. What a great trip!

Early morning, on the beach, Varna Bulgaria

My father❤️!

While in France

Julianne writes amazing songs...and plays and sings them

An Anaglyph Photo view with red/blue glasses to see the hair fly

A Self Portrait

Another Self Portrait

The University of Oregon Cheer Squad Was Performing at the Pike Place Market.  This was the Catch.

I asked to take a group photo.

I asked them to give me a more dynamic shot. They sure did! What a cool group.

Another meeting in front of the Original Starbucks


Me Diving

Great Fiji Trip with dive master Jefari Lewevuqa at the Blue Lagoon Resort. I didn't take this one but a great memory!

Island Dog on Nacula

Coffee is good


Balkan Music

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