Alien Atmosphere

Blue Lagoon

"Lost Translation"

Not Broken

Separation Anxiety or Kiss Me you Fool

Invisible Wounds

Dreams - Varna Break Water Block


Yes! It was a lot of fun!

Blue Lakes 

Push to Lock, But Be Careful With Yourself

Fortified (from the fort battlements at Port Townsend)


What Does This Mean?

"Feeling Blue"

I am Grateful


"A Winter's Fire"

"Depth Sounding"

"Non Linear"

?Man Controlling  His Beast?

Jazz Rupture!

"The Waaa" ... Modern Day Munch

"It Just Feels Good"

"Aye-Aye Captain"


"Rust On An Orange"

"Dangerous Sky"

"Spot On"

"Rocket Man"

"The Last  Elephant"


"Grass Lighting"

The Beast"

The Last Rain

Sail Away""

"On the Blue Sea"


Lady Kate

"Sky Fall"

Rising Tide

"Iron Man"


"Ancient Mariner's Map of the World"

"Fading Ladders"

"The Next Generation"

"Ed's Piano With A Screw Driver"

"Old Peg"

Chain Gang or Connections

Crying Rain (Earth Day)

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