Tangled Beauty

I do have a lot to say and I am telling you all the words I know!  Thank you for listening!

What am i sensing!

Patterns of the Fall

Disparate friends.

Quiet now I am busy.

Quiet Growth!

Reaching Out or come here, you light up my life! 


Life Starts

Your words heal me.

Just Being There

A multilayer support system!

It's Complicated

Delicate Nature

and More Jewels

Ok....Man's creation. Cathedral in Toledo Spain 2019.


Delicate, Delicate, Delicate

Hang Around! Something Will Happen!

Earth Nipple

Strings Attached

Such a Path We take!

Life Support

The Old Man

Are these a virus or what??? Anyone Know?

Soft Growth

My Cathedral

Safe Landings


Bud Brothers!

Little Soldiers


Held Up, Perhaps Some Day

Ancient Ulna and Radius

Water Gives Life

Tea Anyone?

Almost Hidden

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