NOTE: All of the prints on this website along with many others are for sale. Note that the actual prints are in much higher resolution and can be printed in any orientation and at various sizes, some might be preferred either horizontal or vertical! Contact me for print size and material options.
About me: As a kid I played with clay and painted and built electronics among other things. After high school I obtained a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering along with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in painting, both at the UW. Although in the school of painting I mainly focused on life sculpture and foundry (metal casting) work. 
Being in both the Art and Engineering school was quite interesting and in a way a lot the same, they all came down to creativity, creativity was so visible everywhere. I have been writing software for many years while taking photographs during travels and drawing and sculpting when time permitted. 
In 2018 I left my engineering profession and have time to get back to my first passion which is in the fine arts arena!  Figurative sculpture, drawing and ... photography. I am quite sure my painting studies affected my preferences in photography processing.
Photographs on this site are some of my favorites, I have sold a number of them, a few are limited editions. They look great as wall decorations. Many are just recently available since changing professions, and having time for processing them the way I want them. Many of them are HDR panoramas made from well over 20 or more separate photos.
In 2023 I had the honor of being invited to have a show in Bulgaria at the Varna City Gallery/Museum and now have several pieces in their museum collection. In 2024 I will be having a show in France near St Flour.  I have donated prints to local benefits and have had images displayed and sold at the Suquamish Clearwater Casino Angeline Spa, Toro Lounge and Lisa Stirrett Glass Art Studio, Emilia Home Goods, Monica’s Bakery in Silverdale, Black Bird Bakery on Bainbridge and at McGavins in Bremerton!

First release of this website is 4/10/2018, I expect to be updating it fairly often.
6/1/2018 added the Dried Paint section. I liked the layers and colors. These colors make interesting wall prints!
10/20/2018 Added Portrait shots taken in France and a few French landscape shots.
2/3/2019 Added new dried paint photos!
2/9/2019 Added several more dried paint photos and one in Rivers and Oceans (and Trees)!
4/16/2019 Added a few more Notre-Dame Cathedral photos.
3/27/2020 Added many more under the paint section, several flowers also Jordan, Portugal and Spain, technology and dogs.
1/20/2021 Added Illahee Forest page. The forests are amazing!
4/15/2022 Added photos in several sections
6/22/2023-8/2/2023 4 images in the Varna Bulgaria City Gallery "Truth and Simulation" August Festival!
9/26/2023 - 10-15-2023 twenty-nine prints in the Frank Wurden photography exhibition at the Varna Bulgaria City Museum/Gallery. Four now in the museum private collection and four in the organizers private collection.
Frank Wurden
Thank you!
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